Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hari yg nth x tau

i treat today like it is a holiday although there is a single class at noon
but it dont make any diff
i cant even feel like inside; far from to be called focus
from the first light i saw; ( pretty early actually, at 7!!!!!), i had been listening to my music collections
many of them
from vids, live to album songs
i still am now
can you imagine 15 hours of rokos and teras keras songs
oh of course no music at the cafe
mkn kne senyap
bru masyuk
arini saye guntin ambot
gle panjang dh
ad mau 10 bln gk x potong
ad yg kate ambot beta ni chanteks
ad yg jeles kate cm sepilok (denga dari jaoh je ye, not straight on my face, ok??)
heheh bese a
ak pon dh rimas
tp ok a
barber ak tuh kool
die ciap wt rundingan imej lg
ak xde bnd2 emo nk tules
n xd story sgt
byk karotmarotcarot je ; hehe