Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ye la tu

its ramadhan

puase time
xd dose time
ye ke????
tp time2 ni jgklh ad sesetengah kite ambil kesempatan utk saling beringat kepadda sesame kite
mcm post something good at public places like facebook
yes it is good
"x gune puase kalo x solat"

can they be more annoying???
i mean, it is okay kalo nk bg nasihat
tp jgnla tunjok sgt
bapak poyo gile ngn statement cmni
f^*) u a
kalo bg fadhilat ramadhan ke, kelebihan n pahale ke, orait gk
ad gk pekdah
mnd la
to those who ad kne mengene ngn bnd ni, nk bgtau
"x gne pose n solat kalo x ikhlas"...................

Friday, August 21, 2009

other side is..........

semue org suke
btol x
sape yg x suke
feelin happy is a must in one's daily life
laughin with frens, playing n sillying around
but aside from those happy faces u seen painted on ur friends faces, do you realize whats really happen beneath that??
are those smiles and smirks really what they want to convey from within or is it just a mask used to cover their own trueself
many people just treat their friends the way they want without realizing whether it did good or bad to others
i dont know about you all but i have forgotten when is the last time i felt really happy
i mean really really happy that comes with a pure heart
an appologize to any of my friends who will read this, but just want to write this for personnel usage
no hard feelings given or taken after this
ah fuck
thats for now