Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the end of the world ............

well, last week, out of boredness, me and my friend decide to step out of our blanket and explore the world
yhe destination,
the end of the world
maybe it is quite unbeleiveable for us to find it here in malaysia

but believe it, it is actually here
in pontian, johore to be exact

it is Tanjung piai, the southernmost tip of mainland for the asia regi
we decided to hire a local tour guide, mr legam

tp same gk
sume x tau jln
amin redah je

tp ikot signboard a

jgn risau
so, this are some of the pics snapped!
nk masok, student is 3
not a school kid, 5

free the world
yeah !!!!!!
bapak pnjg gile die pnye
letih gile sial

antara bende best kt ctu
sign board antarabangse kot
nk jln g memane pon x sst pnye ah

ahli2 ekspidisi yg bersungguh2thats mr legam in white
n a passerby in red

kes selipe ajak tejatoh yg meragukan

q - berapa kalikah anda menyertai kempen kebersihan ????
a - ekkkk..... x penah cekgu

this is it
on the way
just a few step away
globe that marks the spot

globe yg meragukan

just read the sign !!!!
innocent sky
never thought i will look this good in a photo

thats all, ad byk lg gambo
tp mls a