Sunday, May 22, 2011

moms the word

ini bkn salah eje
mmg nk ckp psl mom pon
not mums the word
shes not a highly educated
i mean she can if ad rezeki
tp fmli x byk duet
adek2 pon ramai
she give up her future for adek2 kecik die
tp ble jmpe klasmet die(ad yg jd lect la, eng la, byk jgk la) sume ckp ruginye...u used to be among the best time skola
dont have to be a rocket scientist
but she still know her way around all we need to grow strong and healthy full of nutrient
die x ckp la ikot term2 science2 ni(da lupe la tu)
tp ape yg perlu tu she knows them..
thanks mom