Sunday, February 22, 2009


ak mcm dh lame gle x tules
nth a
bru2 nih ak rase mcm dh not myself anymore
not that ive change
just.... you know, feel not right bout maself
syet a
ak dh a rimas gle ble bab2 emo
i not even dwell very well with my own feeeling
kdg2 tu kalo ak syok kt cm awek neh i will just the feeling go away you know,
xnk pk2 a cmne nk dkt2 ke, nk tekel ke
ni lk ngn bnd yg ak sndri pon x tau dri mne dtgnye nih
ak mmg x suke sgt open up to people
sbb tu a ak ngn mmbe2 pon talk crap je
nothing personal
kalo dorg tnye bab2 nih pon ad ak akan make sumthing up
ad a citer2 tpu
mgkn sbb im more of a listener than a whiner
i really dont compliant you know
and i avoid to n also not trying tommg a lifes not perfect
but theres sumone anywhere in this world is living my dream life you know
n feel like ive been living sumone elses life all this tyme
coz where it lead right now is not something that i ever dream about
in fact i dont have any dream at all !!!!!!!!!!
but even if i have one pon, nth x tau a bole pursue ke x
byk sgt halangan.........